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Home Security FAQ

Q . How does the monitored alarm work?
Q . What happens to my alarm monitoring if my phone line is cut?
Q . Would I be able to set my burglar alarm at night?
Q . How long will it take to install my alarm?
Q . Would my wireless internet connection interfere with the wireless alarm?
Q . I have a pet, will he/she trigger the alarm?
Q . Do you offer any guarantee on the alarm system?
Q . Can I add extra sensors to my alarm package?
Q . How soon can you install my burglar alarm?
Q . What happens when the alarm goes off?
Q . What are Key Holders and Key Holder Response?
Q . How does the Police Response work?
Q . How does the Fire Response Work?
Q . My alarm accidentally went off. How do I turn it off?
Q . An alarm occurred and I have already reset my system. How do I cancel this alarm through the Central Monitoring Station?
Q . An alarm occurred and I have already reset my system, but there still seems to be a problem with thesystem. What should I do?
Q . When can I receive service on my system?
Q . How can I place my system on test?
Q . I have just installed DSL on my phone lines. Will this affect my alarm system?
Q . How can I update my Emergency Contact List?
Q . I have placed my system on test, but it still went off. Why did this happen?
Q . Why is there a delay before my security system sounds an alarm?
Q . What is the difference between the wireless and hard-wired security systems?
Q . How does my security system communicate with ADT?
Q . What can I do if my phone line is cut during a burglary?
Q . If I change my phone number, will I need to notify ADT?
Q . Why is my motion sensor setting off false alarms?
Q . How can I update my Emergency Contact List?
Q . Why is a land line needed for the security system?
Q . Does ADT offer any customer discounts or services when I move?
Q . What happens when I use the panic or fire alarm button on the keypad?
Q . Why Do I need a Home Security System?
Q . Why Chose Wireless Alarm Security System?
Q . What are the benefits of a wireless system?

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