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Did you know there is a home burglary in the United States every 14 seconds? In fact 65% of all burglaries are residential. That says if you have not been a victim of a home break in up until your chances are high you will be at some time. You can seriously decrease that risk with Alarm Companies, West Hills, CA.

With an alarm system installed on your home you are three times less likely to be the victim of a home break in. Considering how many there are daily that means you get to dodge the bullet a lot. Robbers hate obstacles and an alarm system is a huge deterrent for a thief looking for an easy target.

A typical robber wants to be in your door in less than 60 seconds and spend no more than 12 minutes inside your home. They are always looking for an easy target and usually make a decision on the fly of what home to choose. Having an alarm makes you far less likely to be their choice.

An alarm system can also protect your family in other types of emergencies including fire, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and even medical emergencies. Having this type of quick response available in an emergency can be life saving for you or a member of your family.

So contact Alarm Companies, West Hills, CA today and get a high tech alarm system to start protecting your home and your family. Get peace of mind that if your family needs help it will be on the way.

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