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A home is burglarized every 14 second in the United States. 65% of all burglaries that happen are residential. This puts you at a very good chance of risk to be the victim of a home robbery at some point. However you are three times less likely to be the victim of a crime with an alarm system from Sunset Beach, CA.

Burglars like to work quickly. They want to get in and out of you house quickly and unnoticed. This means the more obstacles you put in their way the less likely they are to choose your house. A monitored alarm system is a great obstacle to put between you and house robbers.

Home alarm systems are extremely affordable and monitoring services start around $40 a month depending on what you are monitoring for. Alarm systems can also protect against several other things besides intruders. Your home alarm system can monitor for fires, unsafe levels of carbon monoxide and even send medical help in the case of an emergency.

Getting an alarm set up with Alarm Companies, Sunset Beach, CA is easy. It all starts with a walkthrough with a trained security expert who can recommend equipment and monitoring services to meet your needs. Then your equipment is installed by an installer who will explain to you how everything works.

Once this is done your system is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If your alarm goes off you can guarantee the appropriate help will be on the way for you and your family. So contact Alarm Companies, Sunset Beach, CA and start protecting your family and home today.

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