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Why should you have to settle for a system that providers feel is best for you? Every home and family has its own needs and desires when it comes to something as serious as home security. With ADT home security systems South Gate, CA, you can customize the system to create the perfect security haven.

It all begins with intrusion, which is often the primary concern for people looking into home security systems South Gate, CA. Burglary is not taken lightly with ADT, which is why you will find a plethora of features to boast over. Just a sliver of what you will find includes glass-break detectors, shock sensors, motion detectors, panic buttons and lawn signs and window stickers.

On the backburner of intrusion comes life safety, which is just as important if not more. A fire can become ablaze at any second and a loved one could fall victim to a medical emergency at all hours of the day. ADT understands this with their comprehensive life safety features ranging from smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to heat sensors and flood detectors.

Lastly, you should have complete control over what is going on with your home and the system itself. ADT home security systems South Gate, CA allow you to be the big dog in this case by offering up a number of home lifestyle features. You have the ability to control lighting and climate even while out of town. You can watch video of your home, live a customizable lifestyle, and stay up to date with email and text notifications from ADT representatives.

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