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Every 14 seconds in the United States there is a residential break in. With those kinds of numbers it is just a matter of time until you will become one of the statistics. The people who avoid that are people who go out of their way to create obstacles for would be robbers. The biggest obstacle you can place in their path is home security systems, Lawndale, CA.

Robbers want easy targets. They want to get in and out of your house quickly and without anyone seeing them. The harder you make this the more likely they are to choose a different house. Having an alarm system installed make you 3 times less likely to be the house they choose to rob. That decreases your odds significantly of you becoming one of the statistics.

In addition to monitoring your home for intruders your ADT home security systems, Lawndale, CA can also watch for flood, fire and carbon monoxide levels. That is complete security for your family to know if there is an emergency help is already on the way. In an emergency escape and survival will come down to seconds having someone else calling for that help that can save a family member.

Getting home security systems, Lawndale, CA is quick and inexpensive. It all starts with a free security review for ADT. They will identify your risk factors and suggest equipment and services that will meet your needs. Monitoring is about a $1 a day and most homeowners insurance will give you a discount on your insurance for having one installed.

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