Home Security Systems Hemet, CA

Home Security Systems Hemet, CA are generally available in two major configurations. Letís review these two kinds and discuss their pros and cons.

Virtually all modern home security systems consist of a central control and command module which is connected to a number of sensors which are capable of detecting things like the opening or closing of windows or doors, movement inside of a room, glass breakage, or even the presence of fire or smoke.

When a sensor is activated, it sends a signal to the control module which then determines what it should do next. Depending on the type of sensor which is actuated, it may sound and alarm. Or it may send a signal to an offsite monitoring station to send help.

Sensors are connected to the control module in one or two ways. Until recently virtually all systems were connected through a wired connection. A series of wires were routed from the control module through walls, under floors or ceilings to the location where the sensor was to be mounted. It would connect to the sensor and therefore be able to detect whatever was desired at that location.

This type of connection is very reliable and it allows for compact sensors to be used. The key drawback is that routing many wires throughout a house can be complicated and something which is not generally suited for the homeowner. These types of installations are best handled by a trained technician.

Recent innovations in home security system design have developed wireless sensors. They can connect to the central control module through a wireless connection which means that it is no longer necessary to route all kinds of wires throughout the house.

These sensors are generally easy to install and the system can typically be configured by the homeowner. And while so nice labor savings can be realized in the installation of this type of system, the unit cost of the sensor is higher for a wireless type than a wired type.

It is therefore important to determine the number and type of sensors required as well as the type of installation which is best suited to the type of home you have and your monitoring requirements. This can help you to make the best decision regarding which type to choose.

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