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Home security is no laughing matter. When looking for a security provider, it is vital it is with someone you can trust and rely on at all hours of the day. Someone who has experience and knows what they are doing to keep you safe and out of harmís way. With ADT home alarm systems Montclair, CA, what you will find is a company with years of experience with millions of customers.

Numbers donít lie and ADT has the digits to stand by. While impressive in its own, it is comforting to know that each customer contacted, each customer who puts their trust into the company, and each response to an emergency is just further experience the representatives accumulate.

So what kind of numbers are you looking at? ADTís advanced customer monitoring centers handle over 6 million customers throughout North America. Every second they deal with 3.3 customer transactions while taking on 8,000 customer contacts per hour. With 200,000 total calls daily and 19 million customer calls per year, it is safe to say they know what they are doing.

Not all situations are different and it is vital the home alarm systems Montclair, CA and the representatives are ready to take it head-on. There are multi-tiered disaster preparedness procedures with uninterrupted security service. ADT offers leading-edge technology with redundant computer systems. And best of all, you get real-time support from trained professionals 24/7.

Every time you call, you are guaranteed access to a technical assistance specialist. So whether it is troubleshooting home alarm systems Montclair, CA, answering installation questions, providing easy how-to instructions or explaining alarm system technology, representatives are there for you through the good times and the bad.

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